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Antique Stove Conversion

You can provide the stove or if you do not have one we have stoves for sale.


We can convert any cast iron cookstove to a modern gas or electric range.   All installed components are brand new and are standard to the industry.  Stoves are fully insulated and do not require clearance from walls or cabinets.


We also can convert your antique gas stove to all electric or just the oven or cooktop.


For each individual antique  stove, we

  • Dismantle
  • Blast
  • Repair or replace parts
  • Repair castings, if necessary
  • Custom Build a stainless steel oven.  Gas ovens are bake only ovens.  Electric ovens are bake, broil, have a built in pre-heat cycle and include an oven light.
  • Custom Build a cooktop.  Gas conversion stoves can have 4 burners on the cooktop.  Electric conversion stoves can have 6 burners on the cooktop.  


We guarantee all stoves for 1 year for parts and labor.

Antique Gas Stove Converted To Electric
before conversion antique stove Before conversion.
completed restoration stove After
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